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Guitar lessons in Ayr.

Our Guitar Course is a rock and pop-based course. Perfectly suited to any aspiring guitarist from the age of 8 upwards, lessons are taught on electric and electro-acoustic instruments. Individual lessons are available as well as group lessons. Classes typically contain 6 to 8 students playing live (No Headphones Here!). We also cover improvisational techniques to complement solo work. Our course material covers skills and techniques that would make other guitarists green with envy, it also fully supports music in the National Curriculum.

Our guitar lessons also teach general music and guitar-specific notation and theory. We also cover technical issues such as how to correctly set-up and maintain your instrument, how to use tone controls, effects and amplifier controls to recreate the sounds of guitar legends. The course material includes great music, covering the major milestones in popular guitar styles. Swap your air-guitar for the real thing - now!

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Contact us now to arrange a free taster lesson or an assessment lesson* if you have previous experience.

*Assessment lessons are chargeable
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